Spice islands - The Malukus - A Jewelry Design Canvas Rich in History

Indonesia is a vast archipelago of stunning islands. There are 17,000 of them and they have been of great interest since the early 16th Century by European explorers, especially The Spice islands (or as the locals call them The Malukus.) Rich in nutmeg, pepper, star anise and mace (all used to make food in Europe taste better in the Medieval period), traders braved the pirates and the swells of the seas, to get to her and saddle up her bounty for the long journey back to the courts of England and Paris, to wow royals and to season unseasonable food.

We have been wowed by her history and decided to create a special collection to pay tribute....actually, we are launching two collections.

The first, uses castings of the spices in raw form (the nuts, the shells and the seeds). We then make beautiful silhouettes with these cast pieces (halving, juxtaposing and texturing them) and combining the warm tone gems of citrine and tourmaline to bring out the femininity.

The capsule collection is based on the journey of the ships through the islands, the mapping of the spice trail using a very old Hindu jewellery making technique called granulation (the art of creating a pattern with tiny balls of silver and gold) mixed with the geometric form of the pyramid rice terraces, found in parts of Indonesia. Again tourmaline in pinks and greens and varying shades of pretty yellow and caramel citrine, will be the sparkle added to the designs in pendants, rings, bangles and chain necklaces.