Bali Delivery and Shipping Worldwide

As Bali is our home and the place where our beautiful jewellery originates, we offer FREE delivery anywhere in Bali by our friends @ Go Jek - a careful and secure tracking method that is fast and efficient and gets the goods to our customers on time safely. We offer SAME DAY if ordered between 10am - 3pm or NEXT DAY DELIVERY if we have it in stock. Should you want to have something plated in our collection, it takes a maximum of 2 days.

For the rest of Indonesia, our prices are super low and we will let you know pre-shipping to you. We use JNE Express and Ninja Express.



We offer a 5-7 day turnaround on shipping (we generally meet this deadline). Once you make an order and payment, your item is normally shipped the same day or the morning after.If you would like a faster shipping then this can be ordered at extra cost.

When you enter shipping address at checkout, please make sure that it is spelt correctly and there is a postcode and a telephone number for the courier.

Shipping Method

We use TNT and Mortiz Logisitics. When an order has been produced ready for shipping, we photograph everything in detail before we ship it. We then photograph the package it goes into and send to you.

There my be custom duties in your country to receive the items, but we take care of most duties. It depends on country. We will advise you of any costs pre shipment.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping available on request.

Shipping Cost

Up to and including half a kilo in weight in soft packaging under 5mm in height - $40 USD
Up to and including half a kilo in weight in boxed packaging under 8mm height - $50 USD
All other weights and box sizes etc must be weighed and an estimate given to you pre-shipping
EXTRA: Additional full coverage insurance can be requested and we will get an estimate pre-shipping.

All goods will be gift wrapped in our Nini & Ness Batik Boxes for safety.