The Way We Work With Nature

Every once in a while things fall into place naturally and somehow you can see it happen as if you were watching from the outside.

We make our choices we pursue adventures, we go through ups and downs, we meet beautiful people and realise how much the small things matter. Every little shell and broken coral on the beach; it’s a reminder of life’s perfection, it’s a reminder that nothing is lost, everything transforms and changes, we are  in the circle of life. Another life, another adventure, we might suffer but we become stronger, determined, humble....we have an amazing spirit.That’s the power we feel from the sea and in our lives and we want to share it.

We want to bring you a reminder, like a power tool we all need sometimes. The strength and the beauty within. We picked up shells, corals, starfish. We cast them to keep the authentic texture, we sliced it to understand it, we cast it again. We reinforced it so it’s stronger and cast it a second and a third time.

We chose crystal gemstones to bring in the colour and light. We want our pieces to represent our vision. The beauty and fragility are strengths, the textures are the story of our experiences. We are confident but humble in our drive. Grateful for our experiences and not afraid to enjoy more and do our best to reconcile our brains with our hearts.

Our work symbolises a specific time in our lives when we start to see clearly who we are, how life has transformed us. Our vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness. We have freedom to make our choices and we take responsibility for how we want to live our lives. That’s the power of the ocean, it’s so full of life, sometimes so alien, other times full of beauty but yet so fragile... There’s many tides and it’s an adventure but it’s also the best place to relax and enjoy the blue sky. When we work with work with natural castings, we keep the connection and create a piece in it’s own right which could end up in the sea if lost....

Having the time and space to appreciate nature it’s essential. Nature shows us the ultimate perfection, this is the balance and collaboration between strength and fragility. Complex and simple. Protection and intimacy. Life in the ocean looks clear and colourful where we live. They are our main source of energy, not only food wise but also spirit wise.

We chose to live in a tropical island, the ocean stands vast and powerful all around us. The reefs are full of life, such amazing creatures ancient and still so alien to us. We are mesmerised by the detail of shapes and forms of shells and corals as if we were children again. We feel grateful and take it as a gift. We share an understanding of spiritual growth and believe that every so often in life we have moments where we just are.

These moments are perfect, pure in appreciation for what we have, for who we have become, for what we do and what we like. Just like many shells we protect our intimacy, we are strong but also fragile. We accept ourselves with the good and the bad, we know we are complex but enjoy the simplicity of small things.

We take responsibility and act with confidence. We enjoy this adventure called life, as if we were just born. Bringing a bit of the ocean into jewellery we want to bring a reassurance totem, a talismãn about clarity within. A power tool for the wearer. An identity. I am beautiful, I am strong, I am fragile, I am organic. I am happy with who I am. This is my time.

This is a time of acceptance, of recognition.